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Germania Inkasso-Dienst

We help you collect unpaid invoices in Germany

By initiating collections in the debtor’s home country Germany, we can be much more successful than your typical local collection agency or lawyer.

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    We offer debt collection for international clients


    Debt collection

    We are a leading debt collection agency specialized on the German B2B market. We collect overdue debts and invoices.


    Support with legal action

    We help to initiate legal action in German courts and manage correspondence in German jointly with our partner lawyers.


    Credit reports

    We provide credit reports on German customers to help you avoid selling to customers with poor credit.

    Selected reference clients

    Your benefits from working with us

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    Profit from high success rates

    Our focus on B2B and our own field force that visits the debtor in person ensure very high recovery rates.

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    No cash = No fees

    Fees are only due for the recovered amount.

    fast time

    Start collection instantly

    Once we have all relevant information from you, we reach out to the debtor in less than 24 hours.


    Protect your customer relationships

    We employ highly trained collection experts that treat debtors professionally.

    personal advice

    Get personal advice

    Our experts will advise you on the chance of success in case you want to take matters to court.


    Save time

    Once you hand the case over, we will take care of communication and collection processes so you can focus on your core business.

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    Member of the german debt collection association

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    How you can initiate debt collection


    Reach out to us

    You contact us for a conversation with our debt collection experts for a free consultation or you directly upload an invoice and other related documents. We will store your documents safely according to GDPR.


    Our experts will get back to you quickly

    We will get back to you within 24 hours to coordinate steps and to provide a quote. If you have provided documents or information, our debt collection specialists will check your documents. E.g the accuracy of your invoice details, based on the applicable German laws.


    We take action

    We start by sending an official notice to your debtor and additional reminders if needed. We also call the debtor several times and send a member of our field force to visit the debtor locally. Our systems and processes have been highly successful in the past resulting in very high collection rates.



    If your debtor pays the invoice, we swiftly transfer the collected amount minus our provision. In case your debtor has not paid, we will provide you with a recommendation of whether to go to court. We can also assist in initiating the next legal steps if that is deemed necessary.

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    CEO – Dirk Oelsner:

    “We have helped numerous international clients, e.g. from the United States, India or Australia, to collect their debts in Germany. I am happy to personally discuss our highly effective B2B debt collection approach with you. Simply reach out and we will be in touch shortly.”

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    Dominik Knoblich: Geschäftsführer Germania Inkasso-Dienst GmbH & Co. KG

    CEO – Patrick Lingen:

    “We are happy to help our numerous international clients collecting their debts in Germany. If you want to talk about our B2B approach reach out and we will get in touch soon.”

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